Angelcare Cord Cover Kit
Angelcare Cord Cover Kit
Angelcare Cord Cover Kit
Angelcare Cord Cover Kit

Anglecare Cord Cover Kit


Since 1997, it has been Angelcare’ s mission to provide trusted, high quality, safe products that offer peace of mind to families all over the world.

Due to specific regulations and standards that apply to the USA and Canada only, Angelcare provides a pre-fitted cord cover kit as standard with all Angelcare Movement Monitors manufactured since 2014. Should you have an Angelcare Monitor that was purchased before this date, you can continue to order a Cord Cover Kit.  

All Angelcare monitors meet the European BS EN safety standards. According to the European regulations the cord covers are not required, as the warnings and instructions clearly explain how to install the monitor and cords correctly.

When using any Angelcare Movement Monitor no hazard exists when the monitor cords are kept out of reach of baby and correctly installed, as per the instruction manual supplied with the monitor and with or without a Cord Cover Kit.

If you have any queries regarding the cord cover kit, then please complete the contact form here:


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